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Post time: July-07-2022

Food tankers are frequently driven inside wine, beer, drinking water, and other production plants, and our food hoses are inevitably crushed by the tankers. When crushed instantly, general food hoses can withstand relatively low external pressure and are easily deformed or ruptured. This comes at an extra cost to the company.


Q: Why does  Crush-Resistant Food Hose DSF CR  not get damaged when a tanker truck runs over it?

A: Due to the fact that it is made of multiple layers of synthetic fabric spirally wound with a single strand of filament spiral reinforcement. This unique design enables the hose to recover quickly after an accidental crush. The following crush-proof test demonstrates its strong recovery ability.

Q: Will the  Crush-Resistant Food Hose DSF CR  be able to recover from being crushed by a car? Will it be hard?

A: No, because of its unique structure and excellent manufacturing process, the hose can withstand such high instantaneous pressure while remaining flexible.  Crush-Resistant Food Hose DSF CR  is more flexible than comparable products and can be installed even in small spaces.

Q: Is the food media being transported chemically compatible with the hose?

A: The inner wall complies with  FDA/USDA food certification and 3-A hygiene standards and can be used for regular food media, particularly wine and beer.

Q: What other benefits does the hose provide?

A: Pressure resistance at  20 bar to meet the needs of conventional food plants.

High temperature resistance at  110°C , good temperature resistance for CIP cleaning.