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Post time: September-27-2022

The materials used in the production of chemical hoses are selected according to the different chemical media. Therefore, the following points must be noted in the use of chemical hoses.


When using chemical hoses, the chemical hoses must be selected to match the conveying medium.

After using the chemical hose, the residual medium in the chemical hose must be emptied and cleaned by selecting water or the corresponding detergent according to the conveying medium.

After cleaning, dry and store in a cool and dry place according to the radius of curvature of the relevant data provided in the instruction manual.

Before storage, the chemical hoses should be protected at both ends with a quick coupling shield to keep the inside of the chemical hoses clean.

When laying chemical hoses, the ground should be cleaned to avoid punctures from sharp objects.

Avoid the cross-use of chemical hoses when transporting different media to avoid accidents.

When using chemical hoses, if the transported medium is flammable and explosive, the metal joints of the chemical hoses and conductive wires must be earthed to avoid static gathering and deflagration during the transport process.

Chemical compound hose performance advantages of chemical hose use, the chemical hose is mainly used for chemical hose, not only the production of a wide range of materials, and the use of a wide range, so gradually accepted and used, chemical compound hose mainly uses new materials. New technology and new technology, through the composite loosely, wound, and polymer film sealing, than other traditional rubber hose and the metal hose has more obvious advantages.Compared with rubber hoses of the same specification, even under the same conditions of use, chemical compound hoses are lighter than rubber hoses, making them ideal for use in places where there is more space for movements, such as loading and unloading tankers and oil tankers.

The chemical compound hose has good acid and alkali resistance, as it is made of synthetic resin fibers, mainly from materials. Therefore, it has good acid and alkali performance and good usage properties over other hoses

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