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Post time: August-02-2022

The food-grade hose is mainly used to transport such milk, juice, beer, beverage, and other food media hose, the requirements of the hose do not contain plasticizers, is non-toxic, will not cause contamination of the transport medium, and food safety requirements are high, so food-grade hose needs to have such as FDA, BFR, and other food-grade proof.

In the case of meeting all the above conditions, you need to select the food-grade hose you need according to your user needs.

Velon currently has a total of six food-grade hoses, we will introduce these products one by one.

1. Delivery and Suction Food Hose - DSF


DSF hose is well used for suction and discharge of liquid foodstuffs such as wine, beer, milk, oil, fats, cider, fruit juice, and alcohol up to 95%. For unloading bays, processing and filling plants, and liquid foodstuff tankers. The additional airline on-road tankers carry bulk powdered products (not compressor lines) at temperatures up to +120°C.

DSF hose is improved flexibility and is very easy to handle. A smooth, seamless, white, multipurpose food-grade tube that does not propagate bacterial growth. Excellent resistance to kinking. Temperature changes have little effect due to the qualities of the rubber compound. Resistant to cleaning with most common detergents or with steam at max. 130°C. Non-marking, abrasion-resistant cover. Contains no phthalate.

2. Delivery and Suction Food Hose - DSF EPDM


This kind of hose is designed for suction and delivery of aqueous food, such as wine, juice, soft drinks, and other foodstuffs. NOT recommended for fatty food.Its inner tube is EPDM rubber and the outer cover is a synthetic rubber. And the constant operation is between -40˚C to + 100˚C.The white and smooth tube rubber of DSF EPDM can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. Hose with good flexibility and characteristic of anti-twist, wear resistance, and anti-fouling.

3. Crush Resistant Food Hose - DSF CR


The inner tube of the crush-resistant food hose is NBR rubber. And it used the high tension synthetic textile to be the reinforcement.

Crush-resistant food hose is a multi-purpose hose with high performance, used in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industry. Hose assembled by our specific designed crimper and assembled with rubber protection ring provide it with perfect performance.

Hose with unique roller compaction recover structure, specially designed for application in harsh environments. It can recover/keep the stability of round size after the rolling compaction by truck, rolling recovery rate ≥ 80%. The white and smooth tube rubber of food quality can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. Hose with good flexibility and characteristics of anti-twist, wear resistance, and anti-fouling. The hose can be used with steam and detergent at a temperature no more than +130℃ for disinfection.

4. Washdown Hose - WWF


WWF hose for delivery of hot water and steam up to 165℃, particularly suitable for flushing in dairy farms, dairy products workshops, canned factories, aquatic product markets, and other food industry flushing work. It can also be used to transfer high-temperature fluid food. The hose can be reeled for application.

Technical Description:

Tube: NBR rubber, white, smooth, food-grade oil resistance, phthalates free

Reinforcement: High tension synthetic textile

Cover: Blue smooth NBR/PVC-based rubber, oil resistance, anti-aging, anti-fouling

Temperature range: -20℃ ~ +100℃ , working pressure 20bar

Saturated or superheated steam: maximum to 165℃, working pressure of 6bar 

5. Delivery and Suction Silicone Hose - DSFS


DSFS is manufactured from bio-pharmaceutical grade elastomer meeting or exceeding pharmacopeia USP 23 class VI, FDA21CFR-177.2600. The hose is designed for maximum flexibility when utilized in fluid transfer, filling, and moving steam or air in pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing processes. The high purity platinum cured silicone hose imparts no taste or odor and features high tear resistance and hydrophobic properties, making it ideal for use in medical, semiconductor, cosmetics, food, beverage, and dairy industries.

Technical Description:

Structure: High purity platinum cured silicone with stainless steel helix reinforcement and 4 layers of polyester reinforcement

Color: Semitransparent

Temperature range : -60℃ to +180℃(max 220℃) 

 6. Delivery Silicone Hose - DBFS


For food, beverages, cosmetics, medicine, and pharmaceutical industries, transporting liquids at medium pressure where a closed bending radius is not required. It is not recommended for vacuum. Suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning.

Technical Description:

Construction: high purity platinum cured silicone with polyester fiber reinforcement

Constant operation: -20˚C to + 80˚C

Standards: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600

Trademark: VELON/ODM/OEM

Advantage: Pharmaceutical and biotechnological processes. For food, beverages, cosmetics, medicine, pharmaceutical industries transporting liquids. It is not recommended for vacuum. Suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning.