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Post time: October-25-2022


Dredging hoses

Dredging hoses are mainly available in flange type dredging rubber and attraction type dredging hoses.

Flanged dredging hoses are easy to connect to the pipeline and reduce the oscillation caused by waves. It makes the medium flow more smoothly in the pipeline.

Suction dredging hose attached to shear fittings to extend the life of the shear hose rubber hose.

Rubber dredging hoses for mortar mainly include large diameter suction and discharge hose, steel flange type mud discharge hose, flare type mud discharge hose, flexible flange type mud discharge hose, etc. The most common one is large diameter suction and discharge hose.

Material: natural rubber

Conveying medium: for harbor, wharf, seawater, silt, river sand, flood drainage, etc.

Operating temperature: -20°C~40°C

Use: The rubber dredging hose for mortar is easy to connect to the pipe, reducing the oscillation caused by waves and making the medium flow more smoothly in the pipe.

Precautions in use.

1. Bending radius should not be less than the given bending radius to prevent damage to the hose skeleton or premature damage due to overstretching

2. According to the conditions of use, the correct choice of hose type and specifications, do not misuse or substitute

3. The hose should be used to balance the pressure, slowly adjust, so as not to suddenly increase the pressure and damage the body of the tube

4. When the workplace changes, it should be transported off the ground and not dragged to avoid scratching the rubber and corroding the skeleton layer

5. When conveying corrosive liquids, the interior should be cleaned after use to prevent residues from corroding the pipe body, or choose the appropriate product.

6. The large diameter hose is light, soft and flexible, with cloth pattern on the outer surface, it can be produced in black or other colors, and has excellent wear resistance.

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