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Post time: June-06-2023


As we all know, we have various types of hoses in the industry. These hoses are classified into different categories based on their materials and applications. In extreme conditions such as high pressure or high corrosiveness, we need hoses that can withstand such situations.

So, what is a carbon-free hose?

First, we need to understand the properties of carbon. Carbon is a non-metallic element with the chemical symbol C. It is stable at room temperature, unreactive, and has very low toxicity to humans. It even can be safely ingested in the form of graphite or activated carbon. Carbon is located in Group 14 (IVA) of the periodic table. Since each carbon atom releases one electron, these electrons can move freely, giving carbon conductivity.

When we discuss carbon-free hoses, we need to know that they are non-conductive hoses. Additionally, they possess other properties suitable for different working conditions.

For example, our  Carbon Free Hose - CF255/CF200  is designed for conveying cooling water in industrial applications such as electric furnaces and induction furnaces. It can be used in temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius. The inner tube is made of insulated EPDM material, and the outer tube is made of non-conductive synthetic EPDM rubber. The reinforcement layer uses a high-tension textile fabric or cord.

This product offers excellent performance and price, and we also provide OEM services. With over fourteen years of manufacturing experience, we are a professional hose manufacturer that has accumulated a wealth of experience in serving and producing hoses.

If you are interested in carbon-free hoses or any industrial hoses, please feel free to  contact us.

We warmly welcome customers from all over the world and will provide the best service and excellent products.

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