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Post time: February-22-2023


The brewing industry is a complex and demanding sector that requires specialized equipment to ensure the quality and safety of the products. One of the critical components of this industry is the hoses used for the transfer of liquids such as water, beer, and cleaning solutions.The brewing process involves various stages that require different types of hoses. For instance, during the mashing process, hoses are used to transfer hot water and grains, while during fermentation, hoses transfer beer from the fermenter to the storage tank.

Additionally, hoses are used to transfer cleaning solutions, which are essential in maintaining the hygiene standards of the equipment.Given the importance of hoses in the brewing process, the brewing industry has unique requirements for hoses. First, hoses must be durable and resistant to abrasion and wear to withstand the harsh brewing environment. Additionally, hoses must be resistant to high temperatures and pressure to ensure safe and efficient transfer of liquids.

Furthermore, hoses used in the brewing industry must be made of materials that are food-grade and do not contaminate the liquids being transferred. The materials used to manufacture the hoses must also be resistant to chemicals and cleaners, ensuring that they do not deteriorate over time.

Here are some of the factors that the brewing industry needs for hoses:

Food grade materials

Hoses used in the brewing industry must be made from food-grade materials that are safe for contact with consumable liquids.


Brewing operations involve the transfer of liquids under high pressure and temperature. Therefore, hoses must be strong enough to withstand high levels of stress and wear and tear.

Heat resistance

Hoses must be able to handle high temperatures in the brewing process, such as hot water for cleaning and sanitizing.

Chemical resistance

Brewing operations also involve the use of cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Hoses must be able to handle these chemicals without breaking down or leaching harmful substances into the liquids they transfer.


Hoses used in the brewing industry must be flexible enough to bend and move easily to reach all areas of the brewing equipment.

Pressure resistance

Hoses must be able to withstand high pressure during the transfer of liquids in the brewing process.

Hygienic design

Hoses used in the brewing industry must be designed with smooth, non-porous surfaces that are easy to clean and sanitize to prevent contamination.

In conclusion, the brewing industry requires hoses that are made from food-grade materials, durable, heat resistant, chemical resistant, flexible, pressure resistant, and hygienically designed to ensure the safety and quality of the liquids they transfer.

VELON has been providing food-grade hoses for use in the brewing industry for the past 14 years. At present, we are able to meet most of the above needs, if you are in the brewing industry and are currently searching for relevant brewing hoses. You can check the following related products.

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