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FEP Rubber Hose With Chemical Resistant Build-In Conductive Wire For Electrical Properties

Short Description:

Product category: chemical hose

Type code: DSC FEP

Inner tube: fluorinated ethylene propylene

Reinforcement: synthetic textile with embedded steel helix

Outer cover: EPDM rubber

Electrical properties: built-in conductive wire

Constant operation:-40˚C to + 150˚C

Trademark: VELON/ODM/OEM

Advantage: chemical resistant, weather resistance

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Suction and discharge of corrosive chemicals: fuels, solvents, oils and corrosive chemicals except chlorine trifluoride, fluorine gas dry, oxygen difluoride and molten alkalis metals such as sodium. 

For unloading bays as well as mobile and fixed installations in chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industries.

Technical Description

Tube:Chemical resistant, FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene), white, smooth

Reinforcement:Synthetic textile with embedded steel helix

Cover:Chemical and weather resistant, EPDM, green, fabric impression

Temperature range :-40˚C to +150˚C

Electrical properties:Built-in conductive wire


EN 12115. 

EU reulations No. 10/2011 1935/20




Velon Rubber Hose In Chemical Industry

Due to the rapid changes in fluid media and new materials, consumers' demand for functional rubber hoses continues to increase, placing higher demands on the continuous innovation capabilities of rubber hose manufacturers.

The formula and production process determine the product quality, high product stability is required.The product performance of rubber hoses has a vital influence on the application of chemical industry. Velon undergo extremely strict assessments before entering the supplier system of downstream large chemicals enterprises. In the field of hoses, the production process of products is relatively long, we strictly control every link of the production process to ensure product quality.

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