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Post time: December-30-2018

American Bureau of Shipping, a non-governmental organization, was founded in 1862, which is one of the most ten famous classification societies. ABS QE is one of its subsidiary corporations and the leader in quality management system certification and training field. As the world famous certificate authority, ABS quality system is trusted by customers from all walks of life.


As a professional supplier for fluid drive products and service, Velon aims to provide premium fluid solutions and supporting service for domestic and foreign customers. In the field of fluid drive, Velon had accumulated lots of experience in R&D and production management. The meaning of importing quality management system is revisiting and improving our management ability, which help to optimize processes of R&D and producing. The quality system make Velon establish an all-round file management.

After two years of planning and communication with other certification authority, Velon set up an internal audit team to help each department to work under the guidance of quality system. When the system operated in a year, Velon applied the certification to ABS QE. During two and a half days, evaluation experts preliminarily audited our management and each department according to ISO9001:2015. Through several methods like consulting, asking and sampling, they strictly audited our abilities in design and development, production management, procurement control, quality control, project execution, human resources, customer management and marketing.

Evaluation experts eventually agreed to pass the quality system registration of Velon, and ABS QE issued the certification to Velon on October 23, 2018.


The certification of ISO9001:2015 is an important guarantee that keep Velon developing steadily and building a good image and brand reputation.

Velon will further optimize the management system and improve operation efficiency for create value to customers by supplying quality products and service.