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Post time: February-08-2021

The Covid-19 vaccine research and development has been a hot topic since the outbreak. As a consensus that can prevent the covid-19, the vaccine carrying hopes of people all over the world. Up to now, there are 52 kinds of covid-19 vaccines have reach the clinical trials phase, including 13 that has entered the phase III. Seven of them have been approved for marketing, they are Pfizer and Mordena from America, National Pharmaceutical Group and Sinovac Biotech from China, AstraZeneca from UK, Covaxin from India and SPUTNIK V from Russia.


From the beginning of the covid-19 vaccine R&D project, Velon had a deep cooperation with enterprises and institutions who research and develop the vaccines. We actively communicate with related institutions according to plenty of experience in pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, with the help of integrated peristaltic pump with high accuracy, peristaltic pump hose, platinum cured silicone hose, filter, transferring containers and homogenizer, Velon developed multiple solutions of transferring fluids safely, which provide an important technical support to speed up producing covid-19 vaccines with high quality.


Velon not only helps to produce domestic vaccines but only provide a variety of product schemes of peristaltic pump and hose, and the dependent projects has also been entering the debugging phase.During the outbreak, lots of enterprises plunge into bio-pharmaceutical industry which encounters a tremendous market opportunity. Benefitting from the early enter in bio-pharmaceutical industry in 2014, Velon has established a dominance in products, service and technical protocols. Therefore, Velon has ability to provide all-round solutions aiming at the problem of fluid transfer in bio-pharmaceutical industry. Long focus on bio-pharmaceutical industry makes us win the customer trust during the outbreak


With the sustainable development of bio-pharmaceutical industry, companies are supposed to meet more complicated and diversified demands. Against this background, Velon will make a concentrated effort to build a professional R&D team, push high-standard QS and efficient management policy, in order to provide high-quality products and service.