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Post time: August-23-2022

UPE, or Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with a molecular weight higher than 1.5 million. With a molecular chain length, 10-20 times that of HDPE, the longer molecular chain (higher molecular weight) gives UHMWPE the main advantages of toughness, abrasion resistance, and stress cracking resistance, and because it is a kind of polyethylene, UHMWPE also has lubricity, chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties of general HDPE, and its successful development is generally regarded as one of the top ten technological achievements of the 20th century. The development of UHMWPE is widely regarded as one of the top ten technological achievements of the 20th century.


UPE's wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, self-lubrication, and impact absorption energy - these five properties are among the existing plastics.

UPE has the highest wear resistance of any plastic, 8 times that of ordinary carbon steel.

UPE's impact strength is the highest among plastics, 6 times that of ABS.

UPE's self-lubricating performance is equivalent to Teflon, but only 1/8 of its price.

UPE has strong corrosion resistance and high chemical technical performance.

UPE has good non-stick property, and the surface of the product is not easily attached to other materials.

UPE is hygienic and healthy, low temperature resistant, and ductile under liquid nitrogen.

The disadvantages of UPE are poor adhesion and poor fluidity.

In a word, UPE is similar to polyamide, PTFE, wear resistance exceeds carbon steel, do gear, bearing, shaft tile, star wheel, valve, pump, guide rail, seal packing, equipment lining, slide change plate, artificial joint, etc., fiber for a bulletproof vest, rope, etc. UPE plates can replace carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, and other materials for textile, paper, food machinery, transportation, medical, coal, chemical, and other sectors. Such as the textile industry on the technical shuttle, bobbin bar, gear, linkage, sweeping rod, buffer block, eccentric block, rod sleeve, swing consequences, and other impact-resistant wear parts. In the paper industry, it can be used as a box cover, water scraper, pressurized parts, joints, sealing shaft of transmission machinery, eccentric guide wheel, scraper, filter, etc.; in the transportation industry, it can be used as the lining of hopper, bin, and chute of powder material.

UPE sheets can be used as parts of various machinery, including gears, worm wheels, worm gears, and bearings of food machinery. In the chemical industry, it is used as a pump, valve, stall, and filter plate. Medically, it can also be used for heart valves, short-shaped surgical parts, artificial joints, and birth control implants. Sports to do ice skating floor, bocce ball track, skis, motorized bobsled parts.

VELON has one type of UPE hose:



Product category: chemical hose

Type code: DSC UPE

Inner tube: UHMWPE, light-colored synthetic rubber with the black strip

Reinforcement: high tension textile fabric, helix steel wire

Outer cover: EPDM rubber

Constant operation:-40˚C to + 99˚C

Trademark: VELON/ODM/OEM

Advantages: wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistant, self-lubricating, shock absorption