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Post time: October-27-2022


1. Comprehensive performance continues to improve, and application areas continue to enrich

Because of their excellent physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, rubber products have shown irreplaceability in various application fields and are now widely used in heavy industry and new industries such as extraction, automobile, construction, machinery, and electronics, as well as daily and medical use. With the continuous development of science and technology, a large number of new industries such as intelligent consumer electronics, aerospace, energy conservation, and environmental protection have achieved explosive development. Ordinary rubber products have been unable to meet their performance quality requirements, through the design and development of rubber products, production processes continue to explore, according to different conditions of use and requirements, from different angles of rubber products to carry out the necessary modifications to further improve its performance, performance, and quality, which will greatly enrich the application areas of rubber products.

2. Special functional rubber products import substitution is the future industry trend

At present, international manufacturers mainly occupy the middle and high-end market of the rubber products industry, with high value-added products and leading the development direction of the industry. At this stage, China mainly focuses on ordinary rubber products, and the industry has a low entry threshold, showing the structural contradiction of "excess low-end products and insufficient high-end products". Special functional rubber products will usher in rapid development opportunities under the background of national policy support and industrial structure upgrading, and the market space for import substitution of high-end products is huge, which will become a hot spot for future market competition. In the future, the few domestic rubber products enterprises with core technology and R&D advantages will gradually squeeze out the market share of international giants by relying on the advantages of product technology and localization, gradually realize import substitution, occupy a larger market share, and enhance the technical level and market position of China's rubber products industry.