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Post time: December-13-2021

In response to “carbon neutrality” and promoting the green and low-carbon development of the industry, as a rubber hose manufacturer in the traditional manufacturing sector, Velon hose company has taken action to focus on the main business of hoses with a high sense of responsibility. Actively fulfill social responsibilities, establish the corporate development model on the basis of sustainable resources, and explore and practice the extension system of producer responsibility in the hose industry.


We adopt the world's advanced production technology and technical equipment to create a "low-carbon economy, green manufacturing" smart factory, and integrate environmental protection through every link of production, and realize waste reduction, recycling, and harmlessness from the source of production. Establish a recycling system for renewable resources, reduce comprehensive energy consumption by 30% and reduce exhaust gas emissions by more than 95% per 1,000 meters of rubber hose produced, thereby enhancing the company's sustainable development stamina.