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Post time: March-28-2022

As one of the most popular beverages in the world, the wine has a thousand-year history for Chinese people to brew and drink. We can find the related records in the poem of Wang Han, who was created in the Tang dynasty. According to the historical records, the time for grape planting and wine-producing was started after Zhang Qian’s travel to the West. About 600 years later, more and more people have known this red magical liquid, which helped the expanding of wine culture and its market size. Nowadays, China has become one of the most famous countries for wine-producing. There are eight regions from north latitude 25° to south latitude 45°.


To get a bottle of high-quality wine, except using the best grapes, it’s also necessary for companies to use advanced production technologies and accessories. For years, Velon has participated in the development of the wine industry actively. We provide quality rubber hoses for wine transferring, sanitary valves, and oak barrels cleaning solutions.


There are two different materials of Velon's wine hoses for choosing, semi-transparent silicone and rubber. We have all sizes of hoses, and the hoses are stored in a 5000 square meters warehouse. Velon promises that each of the products is plasticizer-free. Customers can choose red steel wire reinforced silicone hoses, or high temperature resistant and abrasion-resistant rubber hoses. All of them are good choices for wine production.


As for oak barrels cleaning solution, Velon provides the high-pressure cool and hot water cleaning machines, pluggable cleaning head for a 360° cleaning, which is able to clean and pollution discharge automatically. This solution helps us gain a lot of acceptance from the clients.


Not only in the wine industry, but also Velon does business in almost all industries. We hope to be the most trustworthy partner in your lifelong development.Please refer to the products are listed as below for more details: 

Suction and Discharge Food Hose (NBR)

Suction and Discharge Food Hose (EPDM)

Crush Resistant Food Hose

Washdown Hose

Suction and Discharge Silicone Hose

Delivery Silicone Hose

Potable UPE Water Hose

Potable Water Hose