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Mining Hose

Ammonia Nitrate Placement Hose For Heavy Duty Application Or Mining Blasting Hole Loading

Short Description:

Product category: mining hose

Type code: ANP400

Inner tube: nitrile synthetic rubber

Reinforcement: spiral-plied synthetic fabric, PE helix

Outer cover: nitrile synthetic rubber

Constant operation: -32˚C to + 93˚C

Trademark: VELON/ODM/OEM

Advantage: for heavy duty conditions

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A heavy duty hose for pellet transfer in blasting hole loading.

Technical Description

Tube: Black nitrile synthetic rubber (static dissipating / static conductive)

Reinforcement: Spiral-plied synthetic fabric, PE Helix

Cover: Black nitrile synthetic rubber (static dissipating / static conductive) (wrapped impression)

Temperature range : - 32˚C to + 93˚C





Q: What kind of certificates do you have?

A: Velon Industrial has been granted the ISO9001 quality management system certificate, ISO14001 environmental management system certificate, OHSMS18001 professional safety and health management system certificate, FDA, DNV, ABS and CCS identification, type test reports, etc.. Our commitment to quality products, competitive prices and value-added services are the reasons that we have earned a good reputation and customer satisfaction.

Q: What is the main process of your product ?

A: The main process of our hoses contain 12 steps. 1.small chemicals dosing, 2.compound mixing, 3.filtration of mixed-compound, 4.calendering, 5.materials slitting, 6.reinforcement layers wrapping, 7.textile braiding, 8.wire braiding, 9.hose marking, 10.curing tape wrapping, 11.vulcanization, 12.removal from mandrel.

Q: What is the research and development model of Velon?

A: Velon company adheres to the research and development model based on independent innovation. On the basis of research and study of international and domestic advanced technologies, the company organizes research and development forces to digest and absorb relevant core technologies, and through independent research and development, a large number of independent intellectual property rights and related processing techniques have been formed, and a core technical team has been cultivated with excellent product performance.

The company has specially set up a technology center integrating scientific research, development and information, engaged in the research and development of new products and new formulas, and has a material technology team, a process research and development team, a new product development team, and an information center.

The material technology team is mainly responsible for the research and development of the performance and application of new materials; the process research and development team is mainly responsible for the improvement and promotion of the process; the new product development team is mainly responsible for the planning, management, internal and external coordination of project development, product assembly design, and new product development. The information center is mainly responsible for the collection, translation, screening, and analysis of new technologies, new materials, and new product information.

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