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Customer Success - Suction and Discharge Silicone Hose

Post time: March-12-2024

Since our establishment in 2009, we have been committed to helping our customers succeed. Our greatest desire is to ensure that high-quality products that meet customer needs operate safely, smoothly, and efficiently in their respective environments.


Today, we would like to share some success stories of our key product - the Suction & Discharge Silicone Hose (W001).

 Vietnam Customer

1. Vietnamese Customer - A renowned chili sauce company in Vietnam

Industry: Food Industry

Deal Date: 2023

Operating Conditions: 10M/PC, W.P. 6BAR

Compliance Standard: FDA 21CFR 177.2600 STANDARD

Details: The customer operates in a chili sauce manufacturing line, where a high level of cleanliness is required due to the food-grade environment. Our W001 Platinum Silicone Hose perfectly meets this requirement. Additionally, the customer requires each hose segment to be 10 meters in length. Due to the setup of the production line, our food-grade silicone hose needs to be flexible to accommodate bends, thus requiring high flexibility. Lastly, due to the unique nature of the chili sauce production line, there is a certain temperature resistance requirement. Our W001 Silicone Suction & Discharge Hose can operate stably in temperatures ranging from -60°C to +180°C. Therefore, from the perspectives of stability and durability, our Suction & Discharge Silicone Hose (W001) perfectly meets the customer's needs. We have been cooperating with this customer for a year, and they are highly satisfied with our products.


Korean Customer

2. Korean Customer - A well-known pharmaceutical company in South Korea

Industry: Pharmaceutical Industry

Deal Date: 2023

Operating Conditions: 10M/PC, W.P. 6BAR

Compliance Standard: FDA 21CFR 177.2600 STANDARD

Details: The customer's application is in a pharmaceutical production line, mainly for conveying high-purity water and some solutions. In the pharmaceutical industry, cleanliness is a crucial basic requirement. Additionally, as the customer mainly transports media involving some solutions, there is a certain requirement for temperature resistance. Our product W001 fully meets the customer's requirements for temperature tolerance. After the first free sample shipment, we successfully passed the customer's usage test. To date, we have been cooperating with this customer for nearly a year, and our products run very stably in their production process.


This time, we would like to share two success stories, but in reality, we have received many positive evaluations from customers regarding our products and services. Over the past decade, we have focused on the industrial hose field, accumulating rich experience in rubber hoses, silicone hoses with high cleanliness, chemical hoses, and more.


Our desire is to be able to provide perfect solutions to all customers in need and continue to provide value to our customers and fulfill our contribution and mission.


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