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Presenting Silicone Food Grade Hose with Spiral Steel Wire Reinforcement - W001 (Suction as Well as Discharge Silicone Hose)

Post time: March-18-2024

As innovation remains to progress and client requirements develop, our team are actually delighted towards to present our most recent item: The W001 Silicone Food Grade Hose with wire spiral reinforcement. Within this particular short post, we will explain the functions and advantages of the W001 hose as well as discuss why our team decided to integrate a helical steel wire reinforcement level right in to our style.

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For our first part, let's have a look at the fundamental specifications of our item:


Tube: Higher pureness platinum treated silicone


Quality: Stainless steel helix as well as 4 levels of polyester reinforcement


Color: Semi-transparent


Temperature Resistance: -60℃~+180℃ (max 220℃)


 1. Functions of W001 silicone food grade hose:


Food grade product: W001 hose is crafted from food grade silicone product, which satisfies food security requirements as well as is actually risk-free for food as well as drink requests.


High Temperature level Protection: W001 hose has outstanding heat protection -60℃~+180℃ (max 220℃), which can easily preserve security under severe temperature levels and also appropriates for food dealing with gear box in heat atmospheres.


Chemical protection: Silicone product has a high resistance in chemical security as well as can easily withstand the disintegration of a selection of chemical compounds, guaranteeing food security throughout gear box.


Flexibility: In spite of the spiral steel wire reinforcement, W001 hose stays versatile and very flexible, simple towards set up for run and is appropriate for complicated piping plans.


Excellent tensile strength: The spiral steel wire reinforcement offers extra tensile stamina, allowing the hose towards endure higher interior stress as well as outside stress.


2.  Why decide to include the spiral steel wire reinforcement level?


W001 silicone food grade hose is graded to consist of a spiral steel wire reinforcement level for the complying with factors:


Enhanced unfavorable stress protection: In food handling, it is frequently required towards to offer with fluid and also the particle issue, therefore the hose should have a really great unfavorable stress adsorption ability. The spiral steel wire reinforcement level can easily improve the unfavorable stress protection of the hose.


Improve technical security: Food dealing with web internet and web sites are actually frequently based on a selection of outside requires, like extrusion, flexing and so forth. The spiral steel wire reinforcement level offers extra technical sustain.


Enhanced high-temperature protection: Silicone hose is generally crafted in high-temperature atmospheres, as well as the enhancement of the spiral steel wire enhances the hose high-temperature protection.


With these functions and factors, our company believe that W001 silicone food grade hose will certainly have the ability to satisfy your requirements as well as offer dependable sustain and also ensure for your food handling gear box.