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Post time: October-24-2023

On September 17th, a group of nine members from theVELON Cycling Club embarked on a cycling journey to Qian Deng Ancient Town, spanning approximately 71 kilometers.


With youthful hearts, theVELON companions shed their fatigue with the sweat of exercise, traversing the colorful world on their wheels and experiencing the tranquil water town charm of Qian Deng Ancient Town.


From the departure point at the company to Qian Deng Ancient Town, we waved farewell to the first falling leaf, saying "let's go," and embarked on this exhilarating journey with familiar companions.



With complete focus on pedaling, the road continuously stretched beneath our feet, leaving all worries behind. Cycling slowly allowed us to savor the cool and pleasant atmosphere, while cycling swiftly reignited boundless passion, bringing immense joy!


We always encountered breathtaking scenery along the way. The trees along the road displayed two colors, as the blossoming and falling of the paulownia flowers dyed the earth golden. Passing through a tunnel felt like entering a hidden paradise, and the vast wheat fields and grasslands stretched as far as the eye could see. These romantic sights along the way were delightful surprises during our wind-riding journey.

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After two and a half hours, we arrived at our destination. The old streets and alleys, with their gray bricks and tiles, bear witness to the passage of time. Qian Deng is an ancient town with a history of 2500 years. It has always been known for its outstanding natural beauty and cultural heritage. It is the hometown of the great scholar Gu Yanwu and the birthplace of Kunqu Opera, the ancestor of all Chinese operas. It is renowned as the "hometown of pavilions and forests, and the birthplace of Kunqu Opera."


Qian Deng is not a large town; its essence lies in a small temple, a pagoda, a stone-paved street, and several former residences of famous individuals.

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The water of Qian Deng flows with a tranquil and peaceful way of life, and the melodies of Kunqu Opera embody the tenderness of the Jiangnan region. The extensive collection of ancient lamps hidden in the Lamp Museum conceals China's wisdom and depth. The stone-paved street carries the memories of its once prosperous past, while Gu Yanwu's former residence epitomizes the deep cultural influence of a great figure who said, "The rise and fall of a nation is everyone's responsibility."


Cycling is pure and independent, unrelated to equipment or the number of kilometers. It is a way of life. We love the state of being on the road—free, unknown, filled with anticipation and surprises. Through cycling, one can gain and forget. The true beauty of cycling lies not in the destination but in the picturesque scenery that unfolds as the wheels roll by.


Cycling is also a form of self-discipline. The entire 71-kilometer journey, lasting five hours, may be challenging for many of us. However, completing it depends not only on physical fitness but also on perseverance. It is about finding one's own cadence, coordinating with each breath, and conquering any slope and covering any distance.


Just as the cadence is to cycling, a way of life is to life itself. Finding a rhythm that suits oneself makes life neither long nor boring.