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VELON Silicone Rubber Hoses: Your Ultimate Partner for High-Purity Applications

Post time: October-11-2023

Unique Craftsmanship - Your Best Partner in the High-Purity Industry:


Introducing the brand-new VELON Silicone Hose, just like its star companion, W001, it boasts a platinum-cured silicone core with a four-layer polyester fabric reinforcement structure, complemented by stainless steel spiral wire reinforcement.

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The inner layer features the newly developed high-quality FEP/fluorosilicone, catering to diverse fluid transfer needs in various production environments, offering an expanded range of options for the food and pharmaceutical industries.


Good Tube, Quality Material - Essential Silicone Vulcanization:



Platinum-cured silicone technology is an excellent choice for high-purity industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and personal care. VELON silicone hoses exhibit high sanitary standards with no odor or extractables. They maintain stable physical properties, ensuring good performance in both low and high-temperature settings. These hoses are flexible and adaptable for various dynamic and static applications.


New Material Linings - Robust Performance:

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The inner surface is exceptionally smooth, making it easy to clean without leaving residues.

The unique material bonding process ensures FEP remains intact at high temperatures.

FEP inner tubing is corrosion-resistant and withstands oils, alcohols, and various solvents.

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W006 8


The hose is flexible and suitable for weighing systems with minimal impact on weighing precision.

FVMQ inner lining accommodates prolonged exposure to most corrosive media.

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