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Post time: November-10-2022


With the progress of the times, more and more technology is leading our pace, benefiting millions of families, more technology in our life to be reflected, as a variety of pipeline network projects to connect the electronic components, the development prospects of  steam hoses  future promising.

Steam hoses  are used for cooling water of refrigeration equipment, hot and cold water of engine engines, hot water, and saturated steam of food processing, especially dairy plants, and can resist diluting (low concentration) acid and alkali.

The  steam hose  is composed of an inner rubber layer, a multi-layered cloth winding layer, and an outer rubber layer. The cloth-attracting hose is composed of an inner rubber layer, a multi-layer cloth-wrapped layer, a spiral steel wire reinforcement layer, and an outer rubber layer. The inner rubber layer is mainly composed of a liquid-resistant inner rubber layer, a middle rubber layer, 2 or 4 or 6 layers of steel wire winding reinforcement layer, and an outer rubber layer, the inner rubber layer has the function of making the conveying medium bear pressure and protecting the steel wire from erosion, the outer rubber layer protects the steel wire from damage, and the steel wire (φ0.3--2.0 reinforced steel wire) layer is the skeleton material to play a strengthening role.


The inner and outer rubber layers of the hose are made of synthetic rubber with excellent heat resistance, and the body of the hose is soft, light, flexible, and with high heat resistance.The hose has the advantages of small outer diameter tolerance, excellent performance of oil resistance and heat resistance, and lightweight, soft and durable; the small burst pressure of the hose is four times the working pressure.


The general working pressure is within 7 bar, the higher burst pressure can reach 70 bar


Common temperature range in -30 ℃ ~ +130 ℃, some hoses can even reach up to +210 ℃


Common resistance factor less than 109ΩCaliber and wall thicknessCaliber and hose inner diameter, wall thickness often refers to the inner rubber thickness, and outer diameter refers to the maximum outer circle.


For conveying saturated steam or superheated water from 165℃ to 220℃, suitable for a steam cleaner, steam hammer, flat vulcanizing machine, injection molding machine, and other hot pressing equipment as a soft pipeline.

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