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You Should Know More About Platinum Cured Silicone Rubber Fep Hose

Post time: April-23-2024

First of all, you need to know what is FEP. 


The characteristics of FEP. FEP is a fluoroplastic copolymer made of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene, and it has the following characteristics:

Excellent chemical resistance: FEP has strong corrosion resistance to most chemicals and solvents, making it an ideal material for chemical processing and storage.

High transparency: FEP has high transparency, making it suitable for observing the internal transport of chemicals.

Low friction: FEP has a low friction coefficient, making it suitable for applications that require reduced friction.

Wide operating temperature range: FEP's operating temperature ranges from -200°C to 260°C, making it suitable for various temperature environments.

Good electrical insulation: FEP has good electrical insulation, making it suitable for electronic and electrical applications.

Why do we use FEP Material as the inner tube, you know the W005 is PLATINUM a silicone Rubber Hose If the inner tube is also made of silicone this kind of hose will not have good corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, it doesn’t have the same smooth interior as the FEP Inner tube and better heat resistance.

However, the hard point is how to combine the FEP inner tube with the interior of the hoses. Our R&D Department costs a lot of time and money for development like the FEP or FVMQ that special material used in hose. So you don't need to worry about the FEP inner tube 

Platinum-cured silicone rubber hose FEPalso has a polyester fiber braid and stainless steel wire reinforcement. So make it resistant to higher pressure and negative pressure.

VELON launches Platinum-cured silicone rubber hose FEP aims to solve the problem of cleanness in food, beverage, brewing, and medical industries. Our Platinum-cured silicone rubber hose FEP is used in some environments with high temp and cleanness. Otherwise, if your firm uses some hoses that don't have high-temperature resistance and low coefficient of friction. Maybe make more trouble in the workshop. The products have a long life is one way to reduce the cost of the firm.

Check the table below to find more details of platinum-cured silicone rubber hose FEP - W005.


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