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Oil Hose

Multi Purpose Flexible Economic Oil Petroleum Delivery Hose

Short Description:

Product category: oil hose

Type code: OE150/OE300

Inner tube: synthetic rubber

Reinforcement: high tension textile cord braided or spiral

Outer cover: synthetic rubber

Constant operation:-20˚C to + 80˚C

Trademark: VELON/ODM/OEM

Advantage: oil – resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, anti aging

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Extruded hose for petroleum products like fuel oil, gasoline, diesel with aromatic content up to 50%, also for sea water, fresh water, air and other general purpose, the hose is light and soft.

Technical Description

Tube:Black synthetic rubber, oil resistance, heat resistance

Reinforcement:High tension textile cord braider or spiral

Cover:Black smooth or fabric impression surface, synthetic rubber, oil - resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, anti aging

Temperature range :- 20˚C to + 80˚C






About Raw Materials

In terms of raw material procurement of Velon company, suppliers are required to provide inspection reports that meet national standards for both main and auxiliary materials.

In order to ensure that the quality of purchased raw materials meets the company's quality control requirements, the company has formulated a procurement management system, supplier management system, etc., and established a list of qualified suppliers.

The purchasing department is responsible for the collection of supplier information, classification and evaluation, and establishment of qualified suppliers’ files, evaluation and assessment. After the preliminary selection of suppliers by the purchasing department, it needs to be reviewed and signed by relevant departments such as the technical department and quality management department. Only afterwards can they be added to the list of qualified suppliers; suppliers that have not been evaluated and approved cannot be included in the company's qualified supplier list; for qualified suppliers, in principle, they will be reviewed once a year; risk evaluations of suppliers will be conducted on a regular basis.

When purchasing raw materials, the purchasing department shall select suitable suppliers from the "List of Qualified Suppliers".

Before the raw materials are put into the warehouse, they must be tested by the laboratory and issued a "Test Report" to confirm that they are qualified, and the warehouse keeper shall check the product specifications, models, quantities, etc. according to the "Purchase Order", and the warehousing procedures can be processed after the verification is correct.

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