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Post time: June-15-2022

We are all aware that ethylene propylene rubber is a common raw material in the flexible hose sector. What exactly is ethylene propylene rubber? Why do we utilize this material so frequently in our products? Then today we will go into ethylene propylene rubber in depth.


Ethylene propylene rubber is made from the major raw elements ethylene and propylene, and it has excellent aging resistance, electrical insulation performance, and ozone resistance. Ethylene propylene rubber may be filled in huge quantities with oil and carbon black, and the results are inexpensive. The chemical stability of ethylene propylene rubber is good, and its abrasion resistance, elasticity, oil resistance, and SBR are all near to each other. Ethylene propylene rubber has a wide range of applications, including tire sidewalls, rubber strips, inner tubes, and automotive parts, as well as wire, cable cover, and high voltage, ultra-high voltage insulation materials. Shoes, sanitary items, and other light-colored products can also be created.

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