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Post time: April-24-2022

There are a lot of strict purity standards that have to be met in medicine production. Therefore, it’s easy to find cases of medicine pollution caused by production facilities, worse, people seem not to realize how serious the fact is.


As a key point in the production line, hoses connect different types of equipment. So they must be compatible with that equipment, and easy to be cleaned for not to cause safety problems and reduce the medicine quality. Especially in drug processing and clinical trial, the contact between the hoses and the media will direct the research of drugs. Furthermore, hose quality can influence the company’s reputation. So which kind of hoses can guarantee the safety of drug production? And which kind of hoses can reduce the risk of processing pollution?


There are three ways to reduce the pollution risk. Firstly, for hoses used to transfer high purity media, they should meet the pharmaceutical grade standards. As for now, there are many general certificate requirements like USP CLASS VI、FDA 21 CFR 177.2600、ISO10993、EU 1935/2004、BFR、RoHS. Those certificates standardized the hose quality. Secondly, according to the demands of GMP, hoses need to pass the circulating pressure test. Finally, the hose supplier should provide detailed information on the hose, like installation position, processing status, service time, and service life. These parameters can help clients to manage the materials.


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