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Post time: May-05-2022

Beer, also called the “liquid bread”, is made by fermenting with the malt, hops, and water, and then became a mild wine full of carbon dioxide. Lower alcohol strength makes people hard to be drunk, therefore, you can find it in almost every restaurant. Especially in China, no matter barbecue, hot-pot, or langoustine, all of their value is highlighted only when they collocate with a cup of cold beer.


Beer originated from Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and is one of the most time-honored alcoholic beverages. In the sixth century AD, beer contained hops came out after selling in Germany. From the 17 century to 18 century, beer has been spread all over the world and became the third most popular beverage next to water and tea.


Velon started to supply high-quality food hoses when we were established in 2009. No matter in the process of fermentation, suction, and discharge of syrup, transfer of the brewing tank, or the fill, Velon can supply suitable hose in these processes.

Sharing qualified products and ripe experiences is an important way for us to create value for clients, and we hope to serve you with it.

Please find out more for Velon beer industrial hoses: 

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