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Stainless Steel Armour Roof Drain Hose For Rainwater Collection In Tanks Floating Roofs

Short Description:

Product category: special hose

Type code: RDW150

Inner tube: CR/BR rubber

Reinforcement: synthetic textile cord and steel wire helix

Outer cover: Viton, NBR

Constant operation: Max. +82˚C

Trademark: VELON/ODM/OEM

Advantage: The system consists of the flexible rubber hose and connections, i.e. flanges, amps and chains for roof attachment, ballasts to ensure negative buoyancy.

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Floating roofs for oil and petroleum tanks are designed to collect rainwater. Hose system designed for immersion inside storage tanks to drain rain water from roof to a tank floor and out. Can be used for wide range of PH solutions and chemicals. Also suitable for 100% aromatic hydrocarbons.

Technical Description

Tube: Smooth bore, mandrel built, CR/BR based black rubber

Reinforcement: Synthetic textile cord and steel wire helix

Cover: Viton - Aromatic content up to 100%, NBR - Aromatic content up to 50%

Temperature range: Max. +82˚C

Product description: The system consists of the flexible rubber hose and connections, i.e. flanges, amps and chains for roof attach-ment, ballasts to ensure negative buoyancy

Option: Stainless steel armour




About Hose Storage

The storage environment temperature should be 0~35℃. During storage, the product temperature should not exceed 50℃.

The storage environment of the hose can not place devices that can produce ozone, such as mercury vapor lamps, high-voltage electrical devices, electric motors or other devices that can produce electric sparks or discharges.

It should not be put together with corrosive products or exposed to the volatile gas of these products.

Keep away from heat sources and equipment that can generate electric and magnetic fields.

Avoid direct sunlight or strong artificial light sources.

Avoid contact with sharp objects or the ground.

It should be laid flat, and cannot be stacked very high.

It should be guaranteed not to be harmed by rodents.

Observe the first-in first-out principle when storing.

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