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Steel Wire Reinforced EPDM Steam Hose For Saturated Steam High Temperature 210℃

Short Description:

Product category: steam hose

Type code: EHS150

Inner tube: EPDM rubber

Reinforcement: high strength steel wire

Outer cover: EPDM rubber

Constant operation:-40˚C to + 210˚C

Trademark: VELON/ODM/OEM

Advantage: resistant to saturated steam, pin pricked, high temperature resistance, ozone and weather resistance, aging resistance

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Steel wire reinforced hose for saturated steam with max. W.P.10 bar, unsaturated steam and steam up to maximum temperature 210

Technical Description

Tube:Black smooth EPDM, resistant to saturated steam

Reinforcement:High strength steel wire

Cover:EPDM, pinpricked, high temperature resistance, ozone & weather resistance, aging resistance

Temperature range :- 40˚C to + 210˚C





Advantages of Velon vulcanized rubber hose

Vulcanized rubber refers to rubber that has undergone vulcanization reaction, and it becomes mature rubber. It not only inherits the advantages of raw rubber, but also improves its shortcomings. Vulcanized rubber is not hard, brittle, and difficult to form when cold, like raw rubber. The vulcanization process gives you high strength, high elasticity and high wear resistance. Let us understand some of its basic properties. :

Tensile performance

Tensile performance is a performance feature that all rubber materials must consider. Tensile performance includes the product's tensile strength, elongation, elongation at break, permanent deformation at break, and stress. Tensile strength refers to the maximum force at which the rubber is stretched until it breaks. The elongation is the deformation caused by the tensile stress of the sample, expressed as a percentage of the ratio of the increase in elongation to the original length.


Hardness is the resistance of the rubber material to external force, which is the basic performance of all rubber materials. The hardness of rubber is not only related to its own material, but also related to some properties. For example, if the hardness of the rubber material is higher, relatively speaking, the strength is higher, the elongation is lower, the wear resistance is better, and the low temperature resistance is worse. Therefore, when we select rubber products such as rubber hoses, we must choose according to the working characteristics.

Oil resistance

Rubber in the oil medium (fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, etc.), especially at higher temperatures, will cause expansion, softening and reduction of strength and hardness, and some substances in the rubber will also be lost, resulting in the loss of the rubber itself. Performance is weakened. Therefore, in the working room in the oil environment, the oil resistance of the rubber tube is particularly important. At this time, you can choose those polar rubbers, such as nitrile rubber. The biggest feature of this kind of rubber is its strong oil resistance.

Anti-aging performance

Rubber is affected by oxygen (air), ozone, heat, light, moisture and mechanical stress and other factors will cause its performance to deteriorate, which is called rubber aging. The anti-aging performance of rubber is related to the length of our better experience of rubber products. Those rubber products with excellent anti-aging properties can effectively reduce the waste of manpower and material resources caused by the aging of materials. The EPDM rubber tube of Velon uses imported EPDM rubber material with high rubber content, which makes the product more anti-aging characteristics, and its performance is twice that of other ordinary products.

Velon factory focuses on the production of EPDM, NBR and other rubber hoses. Free samples are sent, and products can be customized according to your requirements. Welcome to inquire.


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