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Research and Development

Velon is the leading innovator of high quality hose,hose assemblies in a wide range of high quality and advanced technologies. Research and Development is one of the most valued assets of Velon.

In the Velon laboratory, highly specialized engineers work for the formulation and development of raw materials and semi-finished products, including the hose structure, production process and crimping technology.

Developing new technical solutions allows Velon to face the daily challenges, it also help Velon increase the experience and skills in the sector, fore viewing the request of our customers.

Over the past 10 years, Velon has successfully developed and provided many customized hoses for different markets. The research and development staff has followed the own developed compounds and technologies, upon request from the customers, the design of the products includes the choice of materials or the development of new materials in case the application requires it, implementation of a specific design in order to obtain greater benefits both from an ergonomic point of view and production efficiency for the user.

Hose Design

Our professional hose design team provide customers with tailor made technical support and solution such as: design, analysis, simulation, installation layout, failure analysis, support customer with completely bespoke service of products selection, optimize product structure, improve product performance to increase service life, installation guidance, operation, aftercare and re-certification.

Private label and customized packaging are available.

Quality Control

We have a professional test center and precise quality control process to control quality of each progress strictly for reliable quality. Our inspection center equipped with more than 30 testing equipment including full Omega dynamic impulse testbed, testing rig for overall performance of large-diameter high-pressure hose , different fireproof testing rigs according to ISO15541, full-scale gas decompression testing chamber, industrial borescope, tension/elongation/adhesion testing machine, ressure testing system up to 400Mpa for high pressure testing, rubber rheometer, ozone resistance testing chamber, -60℃ ultralow temperature testing chamber, low temperature impacting testing machine, cleanliness inspection/analysis instruments, and so on. Our Quality Policy:

Velon hose is dedicated to providing the highest quality products, services, and support to ensure excellence in our relationships with and commitment to our customers through continuous improvement.

Test Equipment

Production Capacity

Our factory is equipped with more than 50 advanced production equipment such as auto- banbury system for rubber compound mixing, 24-station intelligent batching system, automatic hose production line, long-length extruded hose production line, high-speed braiding lines and CNC machining center, etc.

Integrated Solution

Velon can provide not only the hose and hose assemblies, but also customer made solutions. Velon works directly with the end-user to understand the application and environment, and will typically specify all aspects of the STAMPED process (Size, Temperature, Application, Material, Pressure, Ends, and Delivery). Velon works with the customer to define and qualify the opportunity, oversee delivery, help with problem resolution, and is instrumental in assisting with final installation.Velon also can provide packaging and handling support in their work with end-users.

We are committed to safety and optimal performance


• 100% virgin raw materials

• Our dedication to green manufacturing

• Sophisticated, state-of-the-art large capacity equipment

• Rigorous in-process inspection and control

• Quality System structured to comply with ISO

• Excellent reputation for quality products and timely delivery