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Water Hose

Helix Steel Wire Suction And Discharge Water Hose For Industrial Water ,Sewage, Slurry,Liquid Fertilizer

Short Description:

Product category: water hose

Type code: DSW300

Inner tube: synthetic rubber

Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord and helix wire

Outer cover: synthetic rubber

Constant operation:-30˚C to + 70˚C

Trademark: VELON/ODM/OEM

Advantage: abrasion-resistance

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Suitable for suction and discharge of domestic water, industrial water, sewage, slurry and liquid fertilizer, etc.

Technical Description

Tube:Synthetic rubber, black, smoot

Reinforcement:High strength synthetic cord and helix wire

Cover:Abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber, black

Temperature range :- 30˚C to + 70˚C





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The company determines the production plan according to the order situation and organizes the supply and production of raw materials. At the same time, the company also reserves a certain amount of stock for some hot-selling products according to the needs of downstream customers, and can deliver them in time when customers need them. In our Shanghai R&D and sales center, we also set up a 5,000 square meter intelligent warehouse to facilitate the rapid export of overseas customers in Shanghai Port.

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After the finished product is packaged through quality inspection, the quality manager will conduct a comprehensive inspection according to the product inspection operation instruction. After the inspection is qualified, the code will be scanned and put into the warehouse.

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