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LPG Synthetic Rubber Hose For Welding Cutting Purpose

Short Description:

Product category: welding hose

Type code: LPG

Inner tube: synthetic rubber

Reinforcement: high strength synthetic yarn

Outer cover: synthetic rubber

Constant operation:-20˚C to + 70˚C

Trademark: VELON/ODM/OEM

Colour: orange

Advantage: high strength rubber materials, smooth, standard ISO 3821(formerly known as EN559), AN/NZS 1869:1996 Class C

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Designed for welding/cutting purpose in shipbuilding,civi works and other related industries.

Technical Description

Tube: Black smooth synthetic rubber

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic yarn

Cover:Orange, smooth, synthetic rubber

Temperature range :- 20˚C to + 70˚C

Optional request:standard ISO 3821(formerly known as EN559), AN/NZS 1869:1996 Class C



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Q: Do you offer OEM/ODM service?

A: Yes, we have rich experience in offering OEM/ODM service. Including lable, packaging etc.

Q. What kind of certificates do you have?

A: Velon Industrial has been granted the ISO9001 quality management system certificate, ISO14001 environmental management system certificate, OHSMS18001 professional safety and health management system certificate, FDA, DNV, ABS and CCS identification, type test reports, etc.. Our commitment to quality products, competitive prices and value-added services are the reasons that we have earned a good reputation and customer satisfaction.

Q: How does Velon company carry out quality control in the production process?

A: Velon hose company has formulated strict product production operation specifications and related product production technical standards, requiring all staff in each production link to strictly follow the specified process flow to ensure the stable performance of the finished product.

In order to ensure the effective operation of the company's product quality management system, Velon company has formulated quality record management measures, requiring quality tracking records for each link from ingredients to finished product output. Production work in each production workshop should complete the "production process tracking card" , to truthfully record the key factors involved in each production process.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of product quality control in the production process, Velon company has implemented the "three inspection system", that is, the production employees are responsible for the process quality of their posts, and the process inspector will check the relevant status of the semi-finished products in the previous process. At the last, the professional inspectors are responsible for supervising and inspecting the implementation of process operating procedures and construction standards, and inspecting semi-finished products and finished products.

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