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Hose coupling

Hose Coupling - The Ultimate Solution for Watering Needs Manufactured by Velon Industrial explosive ordnance disposal.


Hose coupling is one of the many innovations which are significant in the field of watering and irrigation. This has made watering smoother and more effective. The Velon Industrial water hose are presented in various shapes, sizes, plus designs and have revolutionized the way that is genuine water our plants. This article will provide you an overview this is certainly detailed of couplings' advantages, innovation, safety, use, how-to-use, service, quality, and application.

Why choose Velon Industrial Hose coupling?

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Hose coupling can be employed for different watering needs. Less complicated whether you will need to water your garden or clean your driveway, hose coupling might make your task. The Velon Industrial tri clamps may be effortlessly attached to the hose plus faucet, so you may start watering your plants immediately.

How exactly to use?

To use the hose coupling, first, make sure that the hose was free and clean from any blockages. The step which can be next to attach the hose coupling towards the faucet. Once linked, it's important to examine the tightness of the connections. You can then attach the hose coupling to your hose. Finally, connect the other end in connection with hose to the irrigation change and system about the water supply. Adjust the water flow based on your needs utilizing the Velon Industrial air fittings.


Many suppliers offer exemplary support plus service to the field of hose couplings. They have trained specialists who can offer assistance and recommendations on the type of Velon Industrial air hose fittings, with respect to the application.

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