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Introducing VELON's Chemical Hoses for Transferring Chemical Materials

September 06,2023

In industries where the safe transfer of chemical materials is paramount,having the right equipment is crucial.VELON proudly presents its comprehensive lineup of chemical hoses,designed to meet the demanding needs of various applications.With a focus on durability,safety,and performance,our chemical hoses are engineered to excel in diverse settings. 

DSC UPE Chemical Hose

Product Category:Chemical Hose

Type Code:DSC UPE

Inner Tube:UHMWPE,light-colored synthetic rubber with a black strip

Reinforcement:High-tension textile fabric,helix steel wire

Outer Cover:EPDM rubber

Constant Operation:-40˚C to+99˚C


Advantages:Wear Resistance:Resilient against abrasion for prolonged service life. Impact Resistance:Can withstand mechanical stress without compromising performance. Corrosion Resistant:Ideal for handling corrosive chemicals. Self-Lubricating:Ensures smooth material transfer.Shock Absorption:Provides added protection against unexpected shocks.

DSC EPDM Chemical Hose

Product Category:Chemical Hose

Type Code:DSC EPDM

Inner Tube:EPDM synthetic rubber

Reinforcement:High-tension textile fabric or cord,helix steel wire

Outer Cover:Synthetic rubber

Constant Operation:-20˚C to+70˚C


Advantages:Heat Resistance:Suitable for high-temperature applications.Chemical Resistance:Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals.Acid and Alkali Resistance:Can handle acidic and alkaline solutions.Aging Resistance:Maintains integrity over time.Wear Resistance:Resists wear and tear.Application:Hard wall hose for handling chemical solvents with concentrations up to 40%sulfuric acid,30%hydrochloric acid,15%sodium hydroxide solution,and other equivalent chemical solvents at room temperature(except nitric acid).Can withstand vacuum pressure to-0.9 bar.

DSC FEP Chemical Hose

Product Category:Chemical Hose

Type Code:DSC FEP

Inner Tube:Fluorinated ethylene propylene

Reinforcement:Synthetic textile with an embedded steel helix

Outer Cover:EPDM rubber

Electrical Properties:Built-in conductive wire

Constant Operation:-40˚C to+150˚C


Advantages:Chemical Resistant:Ideal for handling a wide range of chemicals.Weather Resistance:Suitable for outdoor use.Electrical Conductivity:Designed with safety in mind.

VELON's chemical hoses are engineered to provide reliable,safe,and efficient chemical material transfer solutions.Whether you require wear resistance,heat resistance,or chemical compatibility,our hoses offer exceptional performance.With the VELON promise of quality,our hoses are your trusted partner for demanding industrial applications.Trust in VELON for your chemical hose needs.