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Top EPDM Rubber Hose Manufacturers in the UK

January 28,2024

Top EPDM Rubber Hose Manufacturers in the UK That Provide Quality Products and Exceptional Services:


EPDM Rubber Hoses are essential in numerous industries for their durability and flexibility. Manufacturers in the UK have been producing high-quality EPDM Rubber Hoses for a lot of years, making them dependable in the marketplace. The Velon Industrial will highlight the top EPDM Rubber Hose Manufacturers in the UK, the advantages of using EPDM Rubber Hoses, safety precautions, how to use EPDM Rubber Hoses, and their applications.



EPDM Rubber Hoses have several advantages over their alternatives. First, the Velon Industrial epdm chemical hose is more durable, making them perfect for high-pressure systems and longer lifespan. Second, they can withstand harsh temperatures extreme cold to hot conditions, hence in a position to meet industry demands. Third, they are resistant to UV rays and ozone, making them excellent for outdoor applications. Lastly, EPDM Rubber Hoses are eco-friendly for their chemical components do not harm environmental surroundings.



Innovation happens to be a hallmark of the top EPDM Rubber Hose Manufacturers in the UK. They usually have used advanced technologies manufacture EPDM Rubber Hoses that meet with the changing needs of these customers. For instance, some of the UK Manufacturers have implemented a corrugated design reduces the probability of kinks and enhances flexibility, helping to make them better to use and handle.


Safety was paramount in any industry, and the top EPDM Rubber Hose Manufacturers in the UK prioritize the safety of the products. They usually have designed their products or services to satisfy the safety that's needed. They usually have also provided guidelines on how to use the Hoses safely to minimize injuries and accidents. Additionally, they have marked the Hoses with identifiable colors for easy identification to prevent confusion in case of or spills.


EPDM Rubber Hoses are used in various applications, including the transportation of water, steam, hot air, acids, and alkalis. The Hoses will also be used in the automotive industry to transport antifreeze fluid power steering fluid. They've been used in industrial plants to transport chemicals, oils, and other fluids. Additionally, the Velon Industrial EPDM Suction And Discharge Food Hose have been used in food processing plants to safely transport food products.

How to Use?

You need to use EPDM Rubber Hoses correctly to reduce damage and ensure durability. Before using the Hoses for the right first time it's essential to inspect them for just about any defects or weaknesses. Assemble the Hoses correctly without twisting them, and connect them to their respective fittings. Avoid kinking the Hoses and expose them to never direct sunlight. An awesome, dry place, and avoid sharp objects that could damage the Hoses if the Hoses are not in use, store them in.


The top EPDM Rubber Hose Manufacturers in the UK provide excellent services for their users. They feature tech support team to their clients when they encounter difficulties with their products. In addition, they offer after-sales services, such as product warranties, maintenance and repair services, and training on how to use their Hoses safely.


Quality is utmost importance in the manufacturing industry, and the top EPDM Rubber Hose Manufacturers in the UK ensure their products meet up with the required quality. The Velon Industrial EPDM Multipurpose Hose use high-quality content to manufacture their Hoses, and they subject them to rigorous quality before releasing them to industry.

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