Formula customization of Velon EPDM hose

Velon EPDM rubber hose (type WAS, DSC,DSW,DSF,etc.)  has excellent resistance to high/low temperature and aging resistance. EPDM rubber can be used to produce hot/cold resistant hoses and can maintain good performance under specified high/low temperature conditions for a long time.

When hose is manufacturing, EPDM rubber material is vulcanized with carbon black, peroxide, stearic acid, zinc oxide, clay, antioxidant, coupling agent, plasticizer, etc. In the actual application process, the plasticizer can increase the flexibility of the rubber molecule, lower the EPDM glass transition temperature, and reduce the molecular weight. Our reasonable formula design can decrease the compression set and tensile strength of EPDM hoses while reducing costs.

Velon EPDM hose products can be used as a circulating water pipe and connecting hose for steam or cooling systems, and maintains good temperature resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance. If you are interested in our EPDM hoses, please feel free to contact with us. 

Post time: Dec-07-2021