Mar. 8 is a divine day for each woman in the world. Velon’s 12-years achievements are associated with our female employees inseparably. So today, we want to salute our brave and wise girls.

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Sometimes, people describe men as leaves while women are flowers. So today, our leaves come early to the office to bring surprises for our flowers. Look what gifts we prepare! Actually, there are cards hidden in the flowers that said” The stars and ocean cannot cover the light of you”. 

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CEO Shawn and our new colleagues are bringing the gifts. It seems that Shawn likes to be a messenger of happiness.

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Except for the beautiful sunflowers, we also prepare flower cakes made by rose petals, which are the specialty of Yunnan Province. This time, everyone can get it not only for girls.

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These two great women who work for cleaning Velon’s office, are also given gifts! Can you see their smiles? 

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Mar.5 is insects awaken, which is one of the 24 solar terms in China. It stands for the bright future. In this springtime, Velon is ready to serve every customer!

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