If you know us before, we must know we have a shop on the Made-in-china B2B platform. And you must have visited our old homepage on Made-in-china but now you will find out that our homepage is totally different from before.

New Design of Banner

banner 1 banner 2 banner 3

There is too many difference from before, we must talk to you about our new banners. You can see there are 3 different new banners on our new homepage of Made-in-China. In the new banners, you can find some fittings and hoses inclouds sanitary hoses and water hoses. All of these are food-grade. Otherwise, you can find out that our slogan "Quality& Price, why not get both?"

Keep going down

Shop of Velonhose 1 Shop of Velonhose 2 Shop of Velonhose 3 Shop of Velonhose 4

Furthermore, you will see the page has been divided into 4 parts, easy to find a different gallery of products. Attention! We don't just have four different product categories. After all, we can't design the whole page to be too long.

In fact, we have nine different classifications for industrial hoses covering close to a hundred different product types. We are confident that we will be able to meet your needs and that you will find a satisfactory product.

 You also can find out there is a video about parts of products.

I'm sure you can't wait to explore it for yourself!

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Velon of Made-in-China

Post time: Nov-01-2022