Sanitary High Quality Suction and Discharge Silicone Hose For Food Beverages Cosmetics MEDICINE Pharmacy Application

Short Description:

Product category: sanitary hose

Type code: W001

Construction: high purity platinum cured silicone with stainless steel helix reinforcement, 4 layers of polyester reinforcement

Constant operation:-60˚C to + 220˚C

Standards: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600

Trademark: VELON/ODM/OEM

Advantage: It is manufactured from bio-pharmaceutical grade elastomer meeting or exceeding pharmacopeia USP 23 class VI, FDA21CFR-177.2600. The hose is designed for maximum flexibility when utilized in fluid transfer, filling, and moving steam or air in pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing processes. The high purity platinum cured silicone hose imparts no taste or odor and features high tear resistance and hydrophobic properties, making it ideal for use in the medical, semiconductor, cosmetics, food, beverage and dairy industries.

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Widely used in sanitary industry, such as food, beverages, cosmetics, medicine, pharmacy, intermediates, semi-finished products.

Technical Description


Structure: High purity platinum cured silicone with stainless steel helix reinforcement and 4 layers of polyester reinforcement

Color: Semitransparent

Temperature range : -60℃ to +180℃(max 220℃)



FDA 21 CFR 177.2600



Velon Platinum Cured Silicone Hoses


In VELON's hose product system, there is a special product that can be called the "noble among hoses" because of its extremely high temperature resistance, good flexibility, high transparency, anti-yellowing and non-toxic properties. It is widely recognized due to its characteristics such as toxic, odorless and long service life. This is the "platinum vulcanized silicone tube".

Silicone hoses are generally divided into ordinary silicone hoses and sanitary silicone hoses. Compared with the traditional vulcanization process of ordinary silicone hoses, the process of platinum vulcanized silicone hoses is more high-end and complicated. It uses high-end sanitary silicone raw materials (the selection of materials must ensure that they will not cause harm, will not cause foreign body reaction after implantation in human tissue, and will not cause inflammation to surround tissues), a product that is vulcanized and molded together with a two-component addition molding vulcanizing agent.

VELON DSFS product features: Firstly, the stable physical properties. It has good flexibility, good gloss, smooth inner wall and no peculiar smell.Secondly, the sanitation level is high. DSFS silicone hose uses high-end silicone raw materials and technology, which meets the FDA and USP medical and health grade certification, as well as the European Union and other countries' requirements for the grade of materials in contact with food and medicine, and the hygiene level is high.Finally, the good high temperature resistance. As a kind of special materials, platinum vulcanized silica gel can not only meet the pressure requirements in the production process, but also meet the requirements for high temperature performance. For example, our DSFS hose has a temperature resistance range of -60℃~+220℃. It has very good product performance for CIP and SIP cleaning, high temperature disinfection, and autoclave.

Due to the above-mentioned product characteristics of platinum vulcanized silicone tube, it has received increasing attention and selection in industrial applications, especially in the following industries.

Food processing. Such as dairy, cheese, beverage filling machinery, sanitary pump export, etc., it has a wide range of applications.

Cosmetics industry. Platinum vulcanized tube has high cleanliness, gloss, and smooth inner wall, which is especially suitable for the requirements of customers in the cosmetics industry for hoses.

Bio-pharmacy. This is an industry where platinum vulcanized tubing is widely used, involving pharmaceutical filling, peristaltic pump applications, weighing modules, clean rooms, and CIP system pipelines.

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